About Us

Flying from ships deployed worldwide, the aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm provide the UK with influence over land and sea, and assist in the wide range of roles undertaken by the Royal Navy from disaster relief to landing Royal Marines onto a hostile shore.

UK Navalops
is a small group is a virtual combat air group for DCS World. Our main squadrons fly the razbam Harrier and the DCS F18C. We also have attack and transport helicopter squadrons flying the Black Shark, the Gazelle and the UH1 Huey. However if there is enough interest in another airframe we may add a squadron to suit that. Each of these squadrons will be based loosely on a real Naval squadon within the Fleet Air Arm. We have a rank structure in line with the real royal Navy, where members can work their way through the ranks and lead their own squadron.

We use a web based flight logging software using VABase. All pilots are to manually file a Pirep after each flight. This can be for both onlie and offline flights. all pPireps are to be checked and accepted by Squadron Commanders. Pilots aren't tied to one aircraft type. Here at Uk Navalops pilots can fly any aircraft in out fleet and submit a pirep. So if you fancy an offline Huey flight delivering mail to the carrier then thats fine. Here we focus on freedom and enjoyment.Pilots can fly as often s they like although our main missions are Saturday nights.